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Phantom Halls Gameplay & Download 2018

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Enter a haunted mansion and prepare to face the undead terrors that stalk the phantom halls! Squad up to survive the night using whatever you can find, but remember - you can’t kill what you can’t see, so be sure to bring a flashlight.

With fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and a 3D papercraft visual motif, Phantom Halls sees players take on the roles of multiple characters at once - with each character’s actions assigned to a different key. It’s a real-time Worms with the procedurally generated chaos of Spelunky!

Currently in Steam Early Access, the game will be updated regularly with new features and content. Incendium will work directly with the community to prioritise updates and refine the game’s direction.

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Title: Phantom Halls
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Incendium LLC
Publisher: Incendium LTD
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2018
Price: Free
Size: 2 GB

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